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About PA&D

Marketing today is basically 25% media strategy, 25% business strategy/consumer insights, with the remaining 50% focused on producing unique & memorable creative.

So what does Michael Pitzer (Advertising & Design) do? I'm 110% about creating unique and memorable advertising and beautiful, desirable product packaging that stands out on the shelves to consumers.

Sadly today, almost every agency, design group or freelancer claims they are the most cost effective and results oriented choice a client can make. Those claims are always relative. I make no claims. I fulfil promises. Here's my promise to you, I will earn your trust and exceed your sales goals and expectations. I will be honest with you but not arrogant. And I will put your success before PA&D's profitability. (Please don't share that with my wife Lynn.)

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Why brand stewardship

"Brand Stewardship" is an ongoing commitment, to make sure that the "brand" stays true to its promise to their customers. This initiative is almost always the responsibility of a single person — "The Keeper of the Brand". It is this person's responsibility to protect the equity of the brand and to make sure that the customer experience is aligned with what the brand stands for.

This is where "Brand standards" come into play. These are rules and guidelines that protect the look and feel of the product, the service and the organization. They are usually a set of rules that standardize the approach to creative work in order to uphold the integrity of the brand. Simply put, the brand standards are far more important than the logo itself. They include the brand’s history, mission, values, and vision. They stipulate a color palette, file format(s), minimum and maximum sizes, contexts, spacing, and usage permissions e.g where it should and shouldn’t appear. They include font families and text sizes (both print and digital) along with design elements and types of imagery, icons, and photography to be used, and so much more.

Stevia package design by Michael Pitzer (Advertising & Design)
Shampoo package design by Michael Pitzer (Advertising & Design)
Michael Pitzer (Advertising & Design) logo
Better than Sugar package design by Michael Pitzer (Advertising & Design)
Fresca Spritzers Package design by Michael Pitzer (Advertising & Design)
ORGANIC Sweet Drops design by Michael Pitzer (Advertising & Design)
design by Michael Pitzer (Advertising & Design)

01   |   LISTEN

Listen to what the client is truly asking for.

Many times, it's not what they say, but how they say it that tells you the direction you need to go.

02   |   LOOK

Look at what everyone has done in the category.

See what's worked and what hasn't. Then, try to understand why a certain approach worked and use that success to springboard your efforts.

03   |   LEARN

Learn from the success and failures of others.

The client isn't always right... and neither is the ad agency. "Experience" is that thing that keeps you from making the same mistake -- again.

Packaged Food Experience

Beverage Experience

I believe humor sells.

Consumers want to be entertained, not pitched to. Using humor as a means to connect to them at an emotional level can lead to further engagement with your product in the future. Plus, you'll never have to go to "Ugly Ad Prison."

I believe in simplicity in design.

The saying, "Less is more." holds true in advertising as well as it does in product and package design. Somewhere along the line though, someone said, "Look at all that white space! Make my logo bigger. Add some specs. More info..." and so began the age of capitulation account management and the birth of forgettable advertising.

I believe every ad should have a concept.

“Nothing is more efficient than creative advertising. Creative advertising is more memorable, longer lasting, works with less media spending, and builds a fan community... faster.” — Stephan Vogel, Chief Creative Officer, Ogilvy & Mather

Broadcast Advertising

My Favorite TV Spots

While not about food, these are still my favorite broadcast advertising that was created while I was Creative Director or Executive Creative Director at advertising agencies in California and Arizona.

Arizona Department of Health Services   |   E.B. Lane - Phoenix, AZ

Kawasaki MULE   |   Bozell Worldwide - Los Angeles, CA

CableONE   |   E.B. Lane - Phoenix, AZ

Arizona Lottery   |   E.B. Lane - Phoenix, AZ

Arizona Lottery   |   E.B. Lane - Phoenix, AZ

Kawasaki JetSkis   |   Bozell Worldwide - Los Angeles, CA

Here's the funny thing about research...

The more you know about your customers the easier it is to meet their needs and to target them with appropriate messaging. But, research is only as good as the people who know how to conduct it, mine it and derive key insights from it. It's then up to the creatives to turn those insights into memorable marketing concepts. Like using research that showed that not all people are keen on cupcakes — and who doesn't love a good cupcake? Research can also help determine a personality profile you won't be marketing to.

I'm also an artist at

These are a few samples of my current art work developed for gallery shows. They majority of my drawings are 36" W x 72" T and all are created completely with colored pencil and graphite on paper. If you won't use me for art, copy or creative direction, you can always support the arts by buying a couple of my drawings. Just a thought.

Epiphone Casino Sunburst Guitar drawing by Michael pitzer
Flexible Flyer Sled drawing by Michael Pitzer
Rocket Ship Bank drawing by Michael Pitzer
Martian Attacking Robot drawing by Michael Pitzer