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Bentley Scottsdale

The Project:

The project was to develop as a presentation for Bentley Motors, England to show how a well thought out marketing approach would be applied to the brand in order to grow and develop additional Bentley dealership locations in the United States. The campaign was created in conjunction with Michael Famileti, head of Scottsdale Motor Mile Auto Group and General Manager, United Auto, a Penske company.

As part of the campaign development approach, we looked at the step-by-step process Bentley and their customers go through in building a personalized, luxury automobile. For many customers in Scottsdale, it would be a similar process to working with their architect and designer to build their custom home. The following series of concepts touched on those similar processes but were not produced. The final two were.

  • Bentley Scottsdale
  • E.B. Lane
  • Michael Pitzer
  • Michael Pitzer
  • Bentley Corporate
  • 2003

Concept Development:

print ad 1
print ad 2
print ad 3
print ad 4

The Work:

Bentley Scottsdale print ad 1
Bentley Scottsdale print ad 2