Kawasaki Race Wins Print

Motorcycle & Related Portfolio

The Project:

Every weekend there were a number of motorcycle races around the country and every Monday we were given the results and asked to produce a print ad proclaiming victories.

On Tuesday we'd be given a number of black and white photos taken by various photographers. On Wednesday we'd come up with a couple of concepts and present them to the Kawasaki marketing department and we'd also create the art for the ad. On Thursday we'd have an approval on one of the directions. On Friday the ad would ship to the Cycle News to run the following week.

And then the process would begin again.

The toughest part of creating these Race Wins in 1990 & 1991 was working with each images and extending backgrounds, removing unwanted elements and creating and area large enough to place the headline and have the background reach bleed. This was back before Photoshop produced a great Mezzotint so we actually had to send the art out to be converted to print through Heliogrphics.