Golden Acorn Casino and Travel Center - Quarterly Mailers

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Golden Acorn Casino and Travel Center - Quarterly Mailers

In September 2011, Catalyst Marketing Company made a presentation to Golden Acorn Casino and Travel Center in hopes of landing their entire advertising and marketing account. For that presentation, I developed three campaignable directions for the design and implementation of the casino's quarterly newsletter to their Players Club members.

For each of the approaches I developed two versions to show how each direction became stronger as a campaign, in which Golden Acorn's brand recognition would increase/build over time.

Reflections of things to come

This approach had six distinct elements including “Seasonal Color Schemes”, which are shown here and explained below.


  1. Masthead - Featuring current GAC logotype set on a seasonal color theme
  2. Large, highly reflective, golden acorn
       a.) The use of this image helps to reinforce the brand and separate Golden Acorn
       form other casinos as it comes directly from the casino's name and logo.
  3. Falling items
       a.) Money, casino chips, slot machine lights, Players Cards, etc.
       These would be “reflections” of the fun and entertainment to come that season.
  4. Actual reflections on acorn
  5. Seasonal border
       a.) The seasonal border is made up of elements that reflect either;
       Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall.
       NOTE: Winter is shown here as snowflakes and whimsical design.
  6. The Footer
       a.) Names the three-¬≠month period
       b.) Large seasonal name
       c.) Website URL

Holiday Themes

We didn't recommend this approach, but we wanted to show the casino it as well because of the possibility to create wonderful direct mail pieces, or postcards as follow-up or special invitations to groups within their Player's Club list.

The main visual area of this approach featured key “Holiday” images, used in a way to increase the Golden Acorn Casino brand. The first featured gold bars wrapped in colorful ribbon with glitter and shimmering stars laid into a golden-color backdrop. The footer used the casino “logo font” to create the theme name “Holiday Gold” as well as showing the months and casino URL.

The alternate design shows a traditional Christmas tree in close up with the ornaments comprised of beautiful, glimmering, golden acorns and colored ribbons that matched the color thematically for the cover design.

over-all design process

The third approach, takes an overall view of the design process to create a slightly different overall layout in order to maximize the content and promotional areas of the quarterly newsletter.

This is the seasonal “Passport to fun” approach.

As with our first two approaches we wanted to present this in a way to show the extendibility of the design. All of these approaches are not just “a cover”.

The basic thinking to this approach was that I'd taken the vertical format used at that time by the casino for their Golden Acorn newsletter and turned it horizontal and then placed their promotional materials along the right hand side of the cover as well as the interior. Each panel (fold) would then represent a month in the quarter and on those panels I was able to show three different versions of promotional areas. This placement could also be very easily perforated coupons should the casino decide to use more VDP (Variable Data Printing) and the casino's growing database of Player's Club members.

Each cover would also have two primary offer areas. Each address side area also has two key offer areas.

Below are several of the original designs and concepts that went into production when we were awarded the newsletter assignment from Golden Acorn.