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Rebranding: TV Campaign

Back in January, 2013, Black Oak Casino asked the ad agency to step-up our game and come up with something dynamic for their advertising and marketing approach as their resort hotel was about to come on line.

It was on the drive up to my first client meeting at BOC that I realized the sheer awesomeness of seeing dozens of deer roaming free through the grass-covered fields and open spaces of the surrounding countryside as we wound our way up through the foot hills to the casino. You could a;most feel the gradual decompression from the hectic life of the city by just taking this beautiful car ride.

About an hour into our meeting, one of the marketing members at BOC threw out a line when we were talking about how the advertising had been done in the past, e.g.; before the resort hotel and now what they'd have this incredible hotel to show moving forward, it was like, "That was then. This is now. But, like 'WOW!'" I thought to myself what a brilliant line — "That was then, This is WOW!"

I couldn't get that line out of my head. Combined with the visual experience of that drive up the hill, those two elements became the creative inspiration for what would become the award-winning "This is WOW!" rebranding campaign. I started to write a basic song approach that tried to capture those visuals along with the main elements of the BOC experience that made BOC unique. Working with Ami Kozak, a brilliant young composer, Ami took my musical approach and re-wrote it to be a dynamic, somewhat "rock-ish" jingle that you just couldn't help singing along too. Working with WindSong Productions and Director; Byron Watkins, brought all the needed elements together. Of the series of spots we created for Black Oak Casino Resort, the one above is my favorite and has won the most awards for the agency and client.

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