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Chukchansi Gold Resort & Casino - Outdoor

When I became Creative Director of Catalyst Marketing Company in Fresno in May of 2010, we were just finishing the shoot for the broadcast portion of the rebranding of Chukchansi Gold Resort & Casino with our “Chuk Ching” musical branding created with Plaid Jacket in Sacramento.

As part of the rebrand we had to create the “Chuk Ching” vision in a major outdoor campaign. To do so, we had shot our spots on RED so the images would be high-enough quality to work in print, but we also had a still photographer there to make sure we covered everything from a different vantage point. These are some of the images from the RED portion of the shoot and what I did to design unifying look and feel that would introduce “Chuk Ching” in print.

Using a RED image, I flipped each of the photos so that our models would be looking into the board instead of off. To increase the dramatic feel, I title each photo either up or down. In this one you can see I pitched it forward and extend certain areas of the background with a Photoshop smudge filter.

In doing so, this allowed me to create a multi-colored background that I thought reflected the colors of a casino. Once again, these were done in Photoshop with gaussian blurs. Over that I added a colored sparkle affect and ghosted the layer in and out where I needed it.

Over these layers I tried different positions for the “Chuk Ching” which at this time, was designed by me to be a “single” word graphic. Later, it would be broken in two words. Also at this time we were considering th the read of type, the tag and the positioning line all in one billboard.

As part of the presentation to Chukchansi, I had to also develop to simplistic approaches; one on a royal blue background and another on a black background. I'm not sure why, it was some internal thing that we were asked to explore and these represent that exploration. But, the third board above is where I incorporated a ringing motion to the graphic I created, This actually became the chosen approach for our layouts, but set against the royal blue background below.