Table Mountain Casino 2x's Points

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2xs Points Promotion

As part of the ongoing promotions for Table Mountain Casino, their multiple points program needed a fresh look each month without reinventing the wheel -- no pun intended.

To begin, I created two versions of a type treatment because there was no logo for the 2x's Points promotion at that time. This logotype would be used in a stacked layout for vertical formats and in a single line layout for horizontal formats. The design created an arch over the main graphic, almost acting as a welcome sign to players. The multiple boarders I created on the type helped to increase legibility and style of the design.

Once I had the type they way I thought it should be with its outlines and dropped shadows I created the main image using the idea of the spinning slot machine wheels. This allowed me to create the visual excitement for 2x's Points for Club Members.

I then created a metal flake background to place these elements on. Each month, the background would change to reflect a holiday or specific design pattern that would represent that month.

After the launch idea was bought and created, we then rolled out the next month's designs which happen to be for December.

OnceOnce the design direction was chosen and approved by the marketing team at Table Mountain Casino, we would blow out the concept in all the needed sizes and animation styles required by media. The last two samples represent the motion graphics that ran on plasmas within the casino to promote 2x's Points.