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Bus Wraps

Using great, vibrant design, bus wrap advertising can't help but attract the eyes of everyone on the street. These are basically oversized, rolling billboards that offer advertisers tremendous creative flexibility making them the perfect media for casino marketing.

Below is a series of designs I created as Creative Director at Catalyst Marketing Company located in Fresno, California, for our client Table Mountain Casino. The assignment was to take the new graphic rebranding look I'd developed for the casino and begin to apply that look to as many applications and medias as possible. The private tour bus was one of those medias we would adapt my designs too.

On this first approach, I wanted to deliver a clean design layout that graphically summarized all of the excitement and entertainment available at Table Mountain Casino. I did two layouts to show how additional elements could be reduced to their simplest form of communication and then unify them with the Table Mountain corporate teal color.

In this next series it was asked of us to develop something a little more exciting and colorful. Version #3 was that first new concept followed by version #4 where we were asked to return the seven in the slot wheel to red and remove the rainbow approach to the swirls, which I also made the corporate teal.

In this third series, we were asked to drop the swirls and come up with something more exciting. I created a "Target" like colorful background on which to place the four elements of chips, logo, money, and slots. In version #6 I combined single words in bright colors and incorporated those into the background.

In this fourth series, it was determined that the client liked the words and how colorful and dynamic they appeared on the bus. But, the words on their own needed a little something so I added teal circles which were inspired by the circles within the burgundy backdrop I'd created for the overall graphic rebrand. I also took a look at removing the traditional casino images and just using the casino logo and tagline as the main image and let the colorful type become the powerful background graphics in versions #9 and #10.

In this next series it was asked of us to develop something a little more exciting and colorful.