Table Mountain Casino $16.99 Seafood Buffet at Mountain Feast

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As I’ve said before,“If you cut me I'll probably bleed catchup.” But in the the case of creating an entire look and feel for a casino restaurant promotion centered around a seafood buffet featuring a 4 oz. lobster tail for just $16.99, if you cut me now, there’s a very good chance I'd bleed hot, melted butter.

Before we could kick off this campaign for Mountain Feast's Seafood Buffet, we had to develop a conceptual approach and layout that the client could approve. We presented three design concepts, two were mine and one other from our Associate Creative Director.

Table Mountain approved one of my approaches so now I had to turn my low-resolution graphics into hi-res imagery that could be used in outdoor, plasmas, duratrans and host of other medias were the mini campaign would be scene.

I started with the logo. Recreating my initial design in hi-res gave me the opportunity to make it really special and have it pop with bold graphics and slightly more vibrant colors that all worked tastefully together.

Using Photoshop and their filter for creating wrapped text, I built a slight stepped wave raiser and applied it to the main title. When I got it just the way I wanted it, I rasterized the font so I could kern the letter spacing correctly and then air brush the letters creating a gradation of orange to deeper red. It was to imply the idea of that “orange/red glow” of heat coming off a grill.

The teal banner background was meant to be reminiscent of an East Coast fishing village. I added the stitching to give the logo that feeling of hand sewn nets and canvas. The entire composition was then place on a cream surface that I distressed to look like weathered paint you'd see on the side of a chowder house on some pier serving the freshest seafood.

The next step was to combine these elements together with additional information regarding the Seafood Buffet offer like; dates, times, and price. I also added the bread-like, funky lobster to the top to balance out all of the type below. The brown board is also reminiscent of how a seafood restaurant might serve a dish using a scalloped wooden board.

Combine everything together and you have a logo graphic that can be used in several means with each being as powerful as the first.

The next two pieces are the “in-casino duratrans” layouts.

The next two samples are from the print campaign that ran in the local newspapers.

These next samples are from the outdoor campaign that co-created with our client to run around the city of Fresno to promote the $16.99 Seafood Buffet as well as some of the additional concepts I developed if we were able to use one concept per posting vs one concept line on every posting.

As part of the campaign, we also created this :30 TV spot working with Maximus Media. I designed it to use graphic elements from our duratrans and print, and then re-purpose those elements for this TV spot and two, in-casino plasma monitors capable of running full-motion graphics.

Here's what we created.