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Brand Development Portfolio

Extending the Brand:

In 2009, I was asked to help refine the website design of, one of the busiest online printers creating everything from business cards, to stationary, to greeting cards, to Mommy cards. The goal was to eventually use real customers and the products they'd used to create for them, and then feature their stories throughout the website and in traditional and new media marketing.

Website Redesign:

To simulate this approach and as part of the website redesign, I created some 50 web banners that would work as sliders for each category page of the website. To make this affordable, I set up with a membership which allowed us to download and use great photography of people holding items. I'd retouch what these models were holding to show products. I also outlined and size each photo then stripped in a unifying background on every banner for branding.

Business Card Headers:

Announcement Card Headers:

Envelope Headers:

Invitation Card Headers:

Letterhead Headers:

Magnets Headers:

Mommy Card Headers:

Note Card Headers:

Occasion Card Headers:

Postcard Headers:

Thank You Card Headers: