Swarm Networks Logo Development

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Logo Development:

Swarm Networks was a developer of scalable cluster storage platforms targeted at a large, highly visible xSP and enterprise application markets. The company was founded in late 2000 and was based in Silicon Valley and it was at the beginning of March of that year TerraCentral asked Pitzer Advertising & Design to make a few presentations to their Board regarding name development, design and branding.

After helping to develop the name "Swarm Networks", PA&D's first assignments was to research and develop a unique logo for this newly established data storage company. Here's part of that process and samples from the rudimentary design generation steps we called, "The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly." which is exactly what these sketches are…

After careful review and refinement, here is where the Board came out and the color directions I developed before the final chaise of the Swarm Networks logo was chosen.

This was the winning logo which went into production around July, 2000.