City National Bank Print Advertising

Bank & Credit Union Portfolio

The Project:

These ads are from a two-year campaign I created with Carry Sacks and David Duncan for City National Bank while we were working in Los Angeles at Sacks/Fuller.

The thing I really loved about these newspaper ads, aside from very clever, well-written headlines and body copy was that the art work for each actually looked like engraved money. Because there had been a change of leadership at the bank including the head of marketing, we were able to develop and introduce a completely new look and feel to the print work. At the same time, CNB became the largest independent bank in Southern California due to merger or acquisition of other independent Southern California banks by one or two financial institutions headquartered in the Bay Area.

These acquisitions became the basis for our first newspaper print ads to position CNB as the "local" bank to do business with. And later, building on that position of leadership as the "local" business experts in the "local" economy and accessing the deep knowledge of the Southern California business and financial environment through your personal CNB advisor.

This series of outdoor boards was created prior to the print campaign by Cary Sacks and myself.

I actually felt we were on the right track for expanding the image of City National Bank as a premiere business bank bordering on that of a private bank to Hollywood's rich and famous. Not being a billionaire myself, I did not know at that time that only chauffeurs see outdoor boards and therefore they are essentially a waste of marketing dollars. Hmm...