EECU - 1.74% APR Marketing Program

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The Project:

In December of 2012, Educational Employees Credit Union lowered it's APR on new and used auto loans from 1.99% APR to the lowest rate in their 78 year history, 1.74% APR for the month of December only. After that, the rate would return to local market rates, approx. 2.99% APR

The concept I created was the straight forward approach of the headline on the outdoor becoming the actual visual for this campaign. The line was a pun, but it did drive home the fact that this was the "sign" of a great auto loan rate. It also became incredibly cost effective to produce as everything was created in Photoshop; clouds, sign, type, etc.

The campaign consisted of newspaper print, on line banners, in-branch posters, TV and radio.

Below is the original TV spot we shot, which rolled directly out of the campaign concept.

EECU decided to reprise an earlier concept that pushed the urgency that a rate like this wouldn't last. Ergo, the countdown clock.

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