EECU - 1.99% APR Auto Loans Program

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The Project:

In August 2012, Educational Employees Credit Union decided to reintroduce their historic low auto loan rate of 1.99% APR. We were asked to come up with a campaign that did not reuse the previous imagery I had created for the first 1.99% APR campaign, but EECU still wanted this to be a big, memorable campaign.

Once again, I pulled an all-nighter to make the presentation. I wrote and developed 16 ads, of which EECU bought 14 of them along with a series of TV spots based on the same simple branding approach. As for the print, my goal was to own the newspapers and web by running a multitude of smaller space ads in their EECU corporate blue with a photoshop "paint daub" filter and ghosted-back EECU logo added to the background for visual interest instead of one or two large space ads.

Below is the original TV spot we shot, which rolled directly out of the campaign concept.

We also created a series of outdoor boards to support the 1.99% APR message around EECU's markets and further the brand image.

NOTE: All creative work displayed in this webpage is the sole copyrighted property of Educational Employees Credit Union (EECU) and is used with permission granted by EECU to Michael Pitzer under a "Portfolio Usage" agreement.