EECU - 2.49% APR Marketing Program

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The Project:

Late in 2011, the Board of Directors of the Educational Employees Credit Union approved a historically low 2.49% auto loan/refinance rate for 2005 or newer cars, in order to directly help the communities they serve by lowering the monthly payments of EECU members and create a positive effect of stimulating membership growth as consumers joined EECU to secure these auto loan rates.

Working closely with the Marketing Department of EECU, we developed a print, outdoor and broadcast campaign that would articulate what those savings would immediately look like to EECU members and how the monthly savings might be used by families still living on tightened budgets due to the ongoing troubles of the local and national economies. The savings on a refinance might be like getting agree tank of gas every month, or being able to buy the things at the grocery store families had been passing on, or even saving enough each month to pay for braces. The campaign did well in the community and garnered a number of local Addy Awards in 2012 for print, TV and online as well.

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