EECU - Carr Brothers Campaign

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The Project:

In July of 2014, Educational Employees Credit Union began conversations with local football legends Derek and David Carr about taking on a roll as spokespersons for EECU in their local and Central Valley advertising and marketing efforts.

Below is how that combination of local talent and dedicated creative teamwork played out having to shoot four TV spots, all of the photography for the print, outdoor and online as well as record multiple radio spots in the heat of August, here in Fresno and only having 8 hours max with David and Derek.

In branch posters, designed for variety and to run the length of an extended campaign.

300x250 animated gif web banner created as part of the campaign.

Inlighten electronic display message graphics were also created as part of the digital portion of the campaign as well as being displayed on ATTM terminals.

We also resized the art for a number of outdoor boards, each with cut out extensions.

Website home page graphics were created to bring the Carr's and their message to the EECU website as part of the campaign.

We also planned and shot four TV spots in one afternoon. These are the results of that shoot.

NOTE: All creative work displayed in this webpage is the sole copyrighted property of Educational Employees Credit Union (EECU) and is used with permission granted by EECU to Michael Pitzer under a "Portfolio Usage" agreement.