Move Your Auto Loan to EECU

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The Project:

Back on September 29, 2010 when Bank of America announced its plans to introduce the controversial debit card fee, at least 650,000 consumers joined credit unions in a single month, according to a report released from the Credit Union National Association in Late October, 2011. That is more than a year's worth of new members as credit unions added approximately 600,000 members in all of 2010.

During the "Bank Dumping" push of November, 2011 we were asked by Educational Employees Credit Union to develop a few concepts around the idea of moving your current auto loan to EECU form the big banks. This expanded into getting pre-qualified before you go car shopping so you could potentially walk into the dealership with a 1.99% APR putting you in the drivers seat to negotiate a better deal on that new or used auto.

Here's what I loved about working with Jim Huff the Marketing Director at EECU, Jim would have his ideas of what he'd like to see creatively and in our discussions of what the campaign needed to do, we'd bounce a few ideas off each other. In essence, trying to top the previous concept that was thrown out. In this particular campaign Jim said he'd love to see every bus in Fresno with a really big 1.99% APR on the side, driving around the city. I said, how about a flatbed truck with a three-dimensional 9-foot tall 1.99% strapped to the bed and have that drive around the city…and the seeds of the campaign approach were sewn. Kathleen Goble, the Account Executive at Catalyst Marketing Company would then write up the strategy from our meeting and cretive was born.

Here is what we produced creatively for this short campaign aimed at having people move their higher-rate auto loans to EECU and thereby increasing EECU membership. The campaign included; print, in-branch, TV, radio, web and online elements.

NOTE: All creative work displayed in this webpage is the sole copyrighted property of Educational Employees Credit Union (EECU) and is used with permission granted by EECU to Michael Pitzer under a "Portfolio Usage" agreement.