Lewis and Roca Practice Group Print Campaign

Law Firm Portfolio

The Project:

These 4-color, half page print samples are part of a series created over a two-year period for the Practice Groups at Lewis and Roca. The campaign was designed to tie into the main print campaign which used mobiles and stabiles created by Alexander Calder as shown in the samples above. Unfortunately, Calder never created wire art to be used by a law firm for their print advertising. However, it was something I really wanted to try myself. I'd done a few sculptures back in art school, but nothing that I ever had to weld or finish with a gun metal textured paint. But that's exactly what I was going to do.

Working with my copy partner; Mark Itkowitz, we came up with several concepts for each practice group. We presented to the lead practice partner and their teams. Once concepts were approved I spent a couple of week ends bending, cutting, welding, and coating each sculpture. Finally, mounting them on wooden bases so they could be photographed. Which is something else I wanted to do — and did.

So in short, this is the most I ever put into any campaign I've ever created. And because of that, it has been the most rewarding to date.