Godfather's Pizza Newspaper

Food & Restaurant Portfilio

The Project:

Early in my career, I worked at Dailey & Associates in Los Angeles where I was part of the creative group that handled Godfather's Pizza. My job was helping the Creative Directors and the ACD pull together layouts and concepts for the newspaper advertising portion of the Godfather's Pizza account.

These are samples from one of the campaigns based on the "I use better toppings, you get a better pizza" positioning. We created generic coupon ad slicks that were sent to each restaurant to use in their local papers. The restaurants would use these advertising templates to "pub-set" their own local offers to stimulate trial and customer visits. The artwork was created by Peter Shakey and was designed to be fun and simple using the cuff of the Godfather's suit and his hand hold some element of the ad to help extend brand recognition and created a unique visual for each concept.