Pitzer Design Naming Process

Pitzer Design Naming Process

Brand Development Portfolio

Naming Projects:

The Pitzer Design Naming Process has been used to help develop sustainable "Naming Architectures" for companies and product lines in the storage category for the past 10 years.

These companies and products have included work for; ClickArray, HP, Intransa, Meridian Data, Network Appliance, SyQuest, TEAC Data Storage and the actual name development and change of Tera Central to Swarm Networks, Zforce to Attune Systems, as well as product name development for every division and new product introduction at Seagate from the beginning of 2006 through early 2007.

In each case, and for each client, the following process has been utilized to produce a successful name and logo. This process, also helped to generated a naming architecture for internal development of products and service names as well as expediting the trademark and registration of the developed name and to springboard the design process.

Naming Process Secret:

You will never have success in naming any product or company, if the key decision makers are not an active part of the process and understand the evolution of the name, how it relates to their company, and contribute toward the development of that name. If they do not participate, what will be developed will be looked at as just being "a word" that can be dismissed as quickly and easily as it can be read out loud.

Now, before you read about the process steps, please note that if it's not possible to do Step 1 of Phase 1 with your key people, Pitzer Design will have to withdraw from the naming assignment consideration.

PHASE 1: Naming Process

1. Input Session

  • 3 hour, off-site, no cell phones, Blackberries or computer contact with the outside world! Hosted by Pitzer Design at a local retreat.
  • First generation naming session with key client personnel

2. Naming Plan

  • Competitive research (Identify top-level competitors and existing naming structures)
  • Competitive graphic research (Visual reconnaissance of existing designs, logos, color schemes)

3. Extended Naming Session (External Pitzer Design)

  • Organize generated selections
  • Preliminary availability search
  • Develop graphic suggestions

4. The Good. The Bad. The Ugly.

  • External with client, walk through organized content and graphic possibilities/enhancements
  • Develop modifications & short-list determination
  • Establish basis for "Naming Architecture"

5. Comprehensive Searches & Market Research Evaluation

6. Final

  • Name Decision
  • Legal risk
  • Evaluation
  • Beging trademark process

PHASE 2: Graphic Process

7. Begin Graphic Recommendations & Refinements