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Apple Computers Print Campaign

In 1985, Apple introduced an affordable laser printer along with software programs like PageMaker, from Aldus Corporation, Mac’s first killer app. Together these two innovations launched the desktop publishing revolution. Suddenly, small businesses and print shops could produce professional-looking brochures, pamphlets, and letters without having to resort to expensive lithographic processes. Over the next year, graphic arts and publishing industries became the Mac’s single most important market and what we developed our print to reinforce.

Our secondary market was higher education, which my copy partner and I had so much fun developing work for and presenting to the group at the Cupertino campus. Plus, I was Phil Dusenberry's personal wrist when he came to San Francisco to meet with John Sculley, CEO of Apple back in the day.

  • Apple Computers
  • BBDO, San Francisco, CA
  • Phil Dusenberry
  • Steve Hayden
  • Yvonne Smith
  • Michael Feinberg
  • Michael Pitzer
  • 1985 - 1986
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