Phoenix Civic Plaza Expansion Campaign

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The Project:

When my wife and I left Silicon Valley and the high tech accounts I'd absolutely loved working on, we headed to Phoenix, Arizona for a position at E.B. Lane. Undoubtedly one of the premiere advertising and design agencies in the west for travel and tourism. With a long history of creating the beautiful print campaigns for some of the most beautiful places on Earth, agency owner, Beau Lane offered me an opportunity that comes along probably once in a creative's career, he brought me to Phoenix as his new Executive Creative Director. Below is some of the work we developed for the expansion plan of the Phoenix Civic Plaza on behalf of the Phoenix CVB, which was going through an interesting development period themselves as they considered, possibly taking their advertising account in-house.

NOTE: The creative work displayed in this post was begun while Jeff Miraglia was ECD at E.B. Lane, Phoenix, AZ and then completed and expanded while Michael Pitzer was Executive Creative Director.