Visit San Luis Obispo County

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The Project:

These two samples are from a series of pre-roll spots created for Visit San Luis Obispo County, a client of Catalyst Marketing Company in Fresno, CA. The spots were designed to promote the county as a casual destination to escape to for relaxation, entertainment and family fun.

I wrote the original spots with Greg who then left the agency. A couple weeks later, I re-wrote the spots with our director. Once all of the locations were locked up by the client, I simply had to art direct all of the set ups over a shoot planned for two and a half, extremely long days as we tried to capture sunsets and sun rise shots. Unfortunately, at this time of the year we'd already lost the beautiful vineyard shots as all the leaves had been blown off the vines by hurricane-strength storm that blew through 2 weeks before shooting. Now we were just battling even having sun.