Undoing years of same old same old

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The Project:

In 2013, our client Yosemite/Mariposa County Tourism Bureau, had to deal with a couple of major issues; one being the Director of Marketing left and a new one came in just as a couple, very young campers contracted the plague — yes, the plague, while camping at the Tuolumne Meadows Campground in Yosemite.

You would think that an outbreak of the plague, prolonged drought and bark beetles decimating thousands upon thousands of acres of trees would be enough to deal with. Except for the annoying issue of dealing with the tired looked and feel of the YMCTB marketing. An issue that sprang to the forefront with the departure of the previous Marketing Director and the YMCTB's new found freedoms to pursue a larger portion of the increasing European travelers to the United States.

I used this opportunity to have lunch with the new Marketing Director in order to layout a plan I'd had to move their branding from the same old same old to an iconic look, one that would be easily recognized internationally becoming a dramatic departure from the negative marketing challenges they were currently facing.

Below are the actual sketches from my notebook that I shared with the client, walking him through my vision to recapture a more romantic and asperational time of national parks in American history. And it all happened over a great little lunch in the town of Mariposa; one client, one account exec, myself and no PowerPoint presentation.

Expanding the campaign

When the client approved the approach, we immediately started working on new logo designs that reflected this period and style of heroic art. Prior to showing those new approaches, I wanted the client to see how the campaign might roll out past existing art that was based on the park and possibly using the same style of art, incorporate tourism events, destinations, and places throughout the county.

The logo

Once our designer was able to refine the look and incorporate a few requests from the client and the CTB, we had a beautiful logo! And the rest just fell into place as beautiful campaign should.

NOTE: All work shown on this page is done so under written permission granted by Yosemite/Mariposa County Tourism Bureau to Michael Pitzer under a “Portfolio Usage Agreement”.