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Data Storage Experience

One of the areas of technology I am absolutely passionate about is data storage. When people were looking at 200 megs as a tremendous amount of space, I was working in gigs of information. When the average agency computer had a whopping 2 gig hardrive, my home office server in Mountain View, California was already at a terabyte.

Data storage, it can never be to fast and you can never have to much of it. All hail the cloud!

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Software Experience

If you know who these software companies are and what their amazing software did for the world, then you are a hell of lot older then I am. lol

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FAB's & Tools Experience

These were some of the deeper than deep tech companies I was lucky enough to be the Executive Creative Director on. Cool stuff. Amazing technologies. Constantly changing. Always evolving.

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Hardware Experience

I love hardware technologies, especially video card companies when you're pushing around million of pixels.

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Technologies Experience

These clients were the odds and ends of the dot com days in Silicon Valley, but are probably closer to what people interact with today on the web.

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