My approach to Creative


“Great creative” comes from combining instinct, talent and creative cojones. Where as “Creative mimicry” just requires an internet connection and access to Adobe Creative Suite. The ability to copy an idea vs. the talent to create something new is what ultimately sets an art director, copywriter or designer apart from others. As a former agency ECD, I understand the pressures ad agencies and creatives can find themselves under, especially when a valued client wants to see something new. The keyword being “new” — not “borrowed, copied, knocked off or plagiarized.” Just new.

That’s what I specialize in — original thinking. And original creative takes three things to start; clear strategies, insightful platforms and defensible positioning statements — a “Strat/Plat”. Having this information is how I develop everything from award-winning web and print, to outdoor and broadcast, and packaging to identity programs. It's also why I continue to win assignments from national and regional clients who are looking for something exceptional, unique, “original”.
Michael Pitzer Art & Design client experience
Package Design

Recent Package Design Assignments

My package design success comes from never saying "no" to the client. That doesn't mean that I capitulate to every demand. It means that I actually listen to what the client is asking for and then I apply all of my design, branding, and communications experience to deliver what they actually want and what consumers are actually more attracted too, in a new and exciting way.
Better than Sugar package design by Pitzer Art & Design
SweetLeaf ORGANIC Stevia package design by Pitzer Art & Design

Smarter Targeting

Half Creative Strategists. Half Creative Director.

I can't help it, but I also think like a Creative Strategist. That basically means that I look at research and the marketplace in order to gain insights that allow me to have knowledgeable conversations specifically to make marketing recommendations on how, where, when and why a certain direction may be a more advantageous way to target an audience. Part of my job is also to make sure that what I create is actually seen and that means having conversations about what media, number of exposures, and budget is needed to accomplish that.

Here's what I know to be true, sometimes the placement of a message is the most creative thing an agency can do. Where as, not doing anything is probably the best thing you can do to help your competition.

Print Advertising

My Favorite Print Work

These are a few samples of the print advertising I am still proud of after all of this time. The reasons are simple, they don't use stock photography or stock illustrations. They have wonderful headlines, body copy and well crafted type and layouts. And each was created as a campaign that extended and reinforced each company's brand over consecutive years which lead to increased sales, customer usage, and positive reviews.

If you like what you see, give me a call and let's see what I can develop for you.
Child Guidance print campaign
City National Bank print campaign
Kawasaki Motorcycles print ad
Outdoor Advertising

My Favorite Outdoor Work

Outdoor advertising is truly an art. The challenge today, seems to be keeping the concept singular in thought and clean in execution. I think these outdoor boards did just that.
Broadcast Advertising

My Favorite TV work

Broadcast advertising that was created while I was Creative Director or Executive Creative Director at advertising agencies in California and Arizona.

Arizona Department of Health Services   |   E.B. Lane - Phoenix, AZ

Kawasaki MULE   |   Bozell Worldwide - Los Angeles, CA

CableONE   |   E.B. Lane - Phoenix, AZ

Arizona Lottery   |   E.B. Lane - Phoenix, AZ

Arizona Lottery   |   E.B. Lane - Phoenix, AZ

Kawasaki JetSkis   |   Bozell Worldwide - Los Angeles, CA

I'm also a budding artist

These are a few samples of my current art work developed for gallery shows. They majority of my drawings are 36" W x 72" T and all are created completely with colored pencil and graphite on paper. If you won't use me for art, copy or creative direction, you can always support the arts by buying a couple of my drawings. Just a thought.

Epiphone Casino Sunburst Guitar drawing by Michael pitzer
Flexible Flyer Sled drawing by Michael Pitzer
Rocket Ship Bank drawing by Michael Pitzer
Martian Attacking Robot drawing by Michael Pitzer